Transition from HP 9000 to HP Integrity

To dramatically improve your mission-critical IT environment, transition from HP 9000 to the latest HP Integrity servers running HP-UX 11i v3 and achieve:

  • Unparalleled availability with no tolerance for downtime
  • Built-in efficiency and flexibility so you can adapt instantly to changing conditions
  • The ability to meet ever-increasing service-level agreements (SLAs) despite limited budgets

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Evolving your legacy HP 9000 systems to HP Integrity systems is easy

To increase the ease of transitioning complex environments, you have a wide range of tools and training courses, including many to help you manage the effort needed to update source code.

HP 9000 Evolution Tools

Concerned about evolving your databases and mission-critical applications?

We make it easy for you.

HP 9000 Transition Training

There is a full curriculum of training courses available to you for HP-UX 11i, including classes for HP-UX 11i users, operators, system administrators and application developers. The wide range of subjects covered includes the HP-UX 11i foundation curriculum, high availability performance, and the benefits of a transition to Itanium.

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