Is the high volume of Wi-Fi Devices penetrating your education networks? — Are you ready?

Education Case Study

Today’s faculty and administrators have more technological tools at their disposal than ever to help tech—savvy students - Providing faculty and students with Wi-Fi services is no longer an option but a necessity to survive in an increasingly competitive market. A bad Wi-Fi experience can adversely impact the effectiveness of the student and the educator.

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phenomenon is having a major impact on educational institutions and as a result you need to take a hard look at the following questions:

  • How do you plan to secure the many Wi-Fi clients entering your network?
  • How do you manage your wired and wireless networks?
  • Do you have the bandwidth, the density and security to accommodate the onslaught of Wi-Fi clients entering your network?


Provide students and faculty with the optimum ease of network connectivity, the innovative MSM317 access device is a "multi functional" managed communication solution that provides:

  • Flexible communications connectivity - ideal for student dorm rooms.

A new approach to secure and manage your wired/wireless network

Simplify IT security and network device administration with core to edge wired/wireless user and device management by providing:

  • An open and standards-based solution.
  • Scalability on three dimensions—functionality, connectivity, and capacity.
  • A secure environment.
  • Agility.
  • Single pane-of-glass management via the Intelligent Management Center (IMC).
    • Flexible communications connectivity - ideal for student dorm rooms.
  • Integrated (IDM/UAM),(Identity Driven Management/User Access Manager).
    • Provides you with secure granular device management, and reliable anytime, anywhere access to applications and services.
    • Policy enforcement by user type, device type, time of day access, guest access to segment specific users.
  • Ultra high speed handoffs uniquely fine-tuned for uninterrupted voice and mobility services (MSM460, 466, 466-R) let staff and students roam indoors and outdoors.
  • Guest access comes with every MSM7xx wireless controller that keeps your guest information private as it travels over the airwaves.
  • RF Manager provides you with the ultimate 24x7 wireless security working in conjunction with dedicated RF Sensors (MSM415) providing you with wireless (IDS/IPS).

Benefits of HP integrated industry standards based FlexNetwork Architecture

HP flexible architecture can easily be upgraded, there are no "rip and replace" requirements as all of the offerings are industry standards based.

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