Secure Virtual Framework

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The HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework (SVF) is designed specifically for implementing best-in-class threat protection for the virtualized infrastructure. It incorporates the advantages of its trusted and proven physical data center solutions into this new environment.

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  • Extends HP TippingPoint's industry-leading threat research capabilities, breadth of protection, ease-of-use, and automation capabilities to include virtual infrastructure
  • Enables HP TippingPoint customers to extend their existing processes, methodologies, tools and knowledge to secure their virtual infrastructure
  • Provides unmatched management, visibility and control on internal virtual networks
  • Automatic discovery and graphical mapping of virtual infrastructure topology

Separation of Duties (SOD)

The HP TippingPoint Secure Virtual Framework supports Separation of Duties (SOD) between operations and network / security teams, and enables security teams to monitor vSwitch and VM changes to identify tampering or disablement of security controls. In addition, it is upgradeable and compatible with full Reflex VMC, providing complete visibility and control over their entire virtual infrastructure.

Digital Vaccine Service

As with all HP TippingPoint products, DVLabs vulnerability filters are automatically delivered to HP TippingPoint customers' IPS Platforms through the Digital Vaccine service. The Digital Vaccine Service ensures evergreen (always up-to-date) protection against emerging threats. Digital Vaccines are delivered to customers at least twice a week, or immediately when critical vulnerabilities emerge, and can be deployed automatically with no IT interaction required. Digital Vaccine filters are created to not only address specific exploits, but also for potential attack permutations, protecting customers from zero-day threats to operating systems, services, applications and virtual infrastructure.

Is management of a virtualized environment a major concern? Does your business need a technology that helps you secure your virtual environments?
With the gaining popularity of virtualization in today's enterprise data centers, you need a virtual security solution that allows you to confidently adopt virtualization throughout your data center without compromising on your existing security more from the HP TippingPoint Virtual Controller and VirtualManagement Center solution brief.


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