Bridge legacy voice and networking environments

HP Networking and Microsoft Lync are helping customers find relief from the challenges of adopting better business processes with UC solutions.

Telephony, Email, Video Conferencing, Instant Messaging, Presence, Networking, and IT advancements cannot all be delivered on the same day. Harnessing these silos' together, with integrated functionality, and all at once - can be prohibitively expensive and complex to manage and maintain.

Vendors may claim that unified communications comes from a single vendor. But, consider the future: cloud technology, an onslaught of tablets, smart phones and BYOD, social media, customer demands, user expectations, and an already unique organizational process and operation evolving on prior IT investments. All this points to the the fact that it's time to begin an open-standards based migration plan.

Enter HP Networking and Microsoft Lync.

The power of Microsoft Lync when combined with HP Networking's advanced FlexNetwork architecture can help wring ROI from legacy investments while delivering improved business communications- a bridge to open standards and true unified communications.

Our proposal:

  • Engage early with HP Networking and Microsoft Lync to develop a complete transition plan.
  • Embrace a path to open standards and leveraged ROI with HPN and Microsoft Lync.
  • Investigate the FlexNetwork architecture and learn how HP Networking can help your IT budget get more for less.
HP Networking and Microsoft Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C) Solutions

The HP MSR Survivable Branch Communication modules powered by Microsoft Lync™

The HP MSR Survivable Branch communication module (SBM) enables real time communications, even when the WAN is unavailable, helping branch office users remain productive, make calls, and sustain communications.

HP 4110 and 4120 IP phones and Microsoft Lync