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Legacy networks, built on proprietary technology, were not designed to handle the rapid pace of change of today’s enterprise applications. The recent shift to rich-media collaboration, mobile access and the rapid adoption of cloud services have put unprecedented pressure on legacy enterprise networks.
HP FlexNetwork Architecture is the only networking solution that delivers the scale, security, and manageability needed for cloud-based, video-centric, mobile applications.
The HP FlexNetwork Architecture:
  • Is based on open-standards, certified to operate in heterogeneous environments.
  • Enables scale in two dimensions: features and performance.
  • Offers a common operating experience to network administrators.
  • Is secured by the industry’s leading threat research team, DVLabs.
  • Delivers agility with advanced 1- and 2-tier architectures and SOA-based network management.

HP FlexNetwork

HP FlexNetwork is the only converged networking architecture that spans from the virtualized data center to the virtual workplace for cloud, multimedia, and mobile services with integrated security solutions.
In today’s Instant-On enterprise everything is mobile, connected, interactive, immediate, and fluid. The explosion of data, users and access devices is bringing business networks to the breaking point:
  • Video-based business content is expected to surpass 25% of all network traffic, and business services will be dominated by media-rich content, by 2013 (Gartner)
  • Increasingly, mobile workforce compounds the challenges of delivering high-demand applications in the enterprise
  • Large-scale campus and server deployments force network managers to deploy complex, multi-tier architectures to interconnect network elements
The FlexCampus solution simplifies enterprise network deployments by reducing network tiers and ports used to interconnect switches, while providing unparalleled scale and agility.
The HP A10500 campus core switch delivers unparalleled 10 GbE and 40 GbE port density, terabit performance and ultra-low latency, enabling high-quality video in the core of a unified wired and wireless network.
The HP E5400 delivers 7x performance and 1/7th the latency vital for growing video traffic while consuming 35 percent less power than in-class competitors. (Source: Tolly Group)

HP FlexCampus

HP FlexCampus enables the new wave of business multimedia communications with an advanced, high-performance converged wired and wireless network.
Orchestrating services from the virtualized cloud to the virtual workplace for a converged network infrastructure needs to bridge the management/operational divide between the physical and virtual worlds.
  • Configuration changes in complex environments can cause downtime, slowing service provisioning and creating outages.
  • Network administrators are challenged to orchestrate provisioning across a converged network infrastructure with virtualization, compounding operational complexity
  • Current tools for managing networking and computing have not evolved to address the need to manage a combined physical and virtual infrastructure
HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) v5 software unifies physical and virtual network management in a Converged Infrastructure by automatically discovering virtual machines, virtual switches and their relationship to the physical network, overcoming the challenges of administering increasingly virtualized data centers.
IMC v5 provides a unified virtual and physical network view with status indicators for networks, workloads and virtual machines to simplify operations and accelerate application and service delivery.

HP FlexManagement:
Intelligent Management Center v5.0

HP’s Intelligent Management Center (IMC) provides single pane-of-glass management across virtualized and physical network infrastructure to simplify operations and accelerate the delivery of applications and services.
HP knows that securing your applications, your data, and your network is more challenging than ever. You are faced with:
  • The need to provide real time security and protection for both your virtual and physical environments
  • The requirement to ensure that applications are available when needed and that your data is protected
  • The challenge of stopping threats real time, before they can cause problems
The NEW HP TippingPoint S6100N Intrusion Prevention System, combined with our HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework (SVF), leverages our industry leading security coverage currently available in the physical environment, and allows you to deploy it seamlessly into your virtual environment. The HP TippingPoint S6100N delivers inspected throughput of up to 16Gbps to ensure applications are available when needed, and next-generation data centers are protected against attack. Deployed in-line, and provisioned with the most current threat-protecting Digital Vaccine filters from DV Labs, the S6100N prevents exploits from attacking, in real time, and before they cause serious security problems.

HP TippingPoint Secure
Virtualization Framework

The HP TippingPoint Secure Virtualization Framework delivers protection for your physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructures.

Watch these videos to find out more about HP FlexNetwork. 

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Want to find out more about the new HP FlexNetwork architecture and solutions? Use these resources to drill down into the product details, and learn how these products help you secure the FlexFabric, deliver the FlexCampus and orchestrate the FlexNetwork


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Announcing HP FlexNetwork, the only converged networking architecture that spans from the virtualized data center to the virtual workplace for cloud, multimedia, and mobile services with integrated security solutions.
It is the only end-to-end networking architecture that solves legacy network challenges by delivering the scale, security, and manageability needed for cloud-based, video-centric, mobile applications.