About HPE Synergy Image Streamer

Synergy Image Streamer is a composable infrastructure appliance that hosts software used to deploy and customize operating systems for use by Synergy servers. HPE OneView automatically discovers the presence of an Image Streamer appliance once it is inserted into the Synergy frame and cabled into the network. Adding a deployment server configures the Image Streamer appliances to support deployment.

Image Streamer hosts the operating system boot disk external to the Synergy servers. This stateless server arrangement enables you to replace the physical servers without the need to redeploy the operating system because the Image Streamer appliance acts as an OS volume storage.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recommends configuring Image Streamer in a highly available, three-frame link topology. However, a single frame configuration can be used for certain purposes.

About using Synergy Image Streamer in a single-frame configuration

A single HPE Synergy frame can be configured for development and testing of Image Streamer deployment plans and artifacts. The configuration, as a proof of concept, can demonstrate full management and deployment functionality.

A single-frame configuration must use an external deployment network and a single uplink port.


IMPORTANT: A single-frame configuration is not highly available. If there is only one Image Streamer appliance, HPE OneView will issue an alert because two appliances are expected.

To change a single-frame configuration into a highly-available configuration, the single-frame configuration must be removed from HPE OneView (the logical enclosure is deleted) and recreated. The physical frame must be reconfigured. The artifacts stored on the Image Streamer appliance can be bundled and exported to the new highly-available configuration.

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