Take Advantage of our decades-long partnerships

You can find a complete set of Integrity solutions for your business with our enterprise software partners. There are over 14,000 applications available on Integrity, across HP-UX, Windows, and Linux. Integrity is the ideal infrastructure consolidation platform as you transition from legacy HP systems.

Application Transfer to HP Integrity

Take advantage of the latest software from our partners. The performance and virtualization capabilities of Integrity make it the natural destination for application consolidation.

As you plan your transition to Integrity, see the AllianceONE Partner Program for an extensive list of solution providers along with their products and services, indexed by company, industry, product name, and technology.

HP maintains strong relationships with hundreds of enterprise partners, which offer applications for HP-UX on HP Integrity servers. Profiles of all enterprise partners can be found on Enterprise Solutions & Partners.

SAP Transition to HP Integrity

If your business requires greater efficiency, performance and scalability, transitioning to Integrity will allow you to run the latest SAP applications long into the future.

Transition Services and Solutions

Oracle Transition to HP Integrity

HP Integrity servers and blades provide mission-critical service levels for Oracle 9i, 10g, 11g and Real Application Clusters (RAC). PA and HP Integrity OS and data compatibility ensure smooth database transfers and upgrades.

HP has developed migration workshops to help our customers plan their move from legacy HP systems to HP Integrity.