Make more informed IT decisions

The HP Converged Infrastructure Capability Model (CI-CM) helps you assess the current and desired future state of your data center. CI-MM uses a set of metrics based on research and industry best practices that enable alignment between business and IT objectives. After your CI-MM engagement, you will have an action-oriented, high-level roadmap for reaching your current and future data center objectives.

How it works

HP CI-MM includes data gathering, review and analysis of information specific to your environment. This is followed by a workshop on the results and priorities for your IT organization. From this, HP experts develop and deliver a pragmatic, action-oriented set of customer-specific recommendations and your suggested high-level roadmap.

Recommendations include different approaches or project types you can choose to move your organization forward. You can then define actionable — and measurable — steps and project types based on quantitative metrics, benchmark standards and best practices. With a roadmap tailored to your priorities and environment, you can make decisions that are more accurate, relevant and substantiated. Ultimately, you will better understand how the actions you take will contribute to meeting your technological goals.

The sooner you start, the better the business outcome.

See how moving to a Converged Infrastructure can deliver compelling business benefits.

Based on a recent study done by IDC - Measuring the Business Value of Converged Infrastructure in the Data Center - customers adopting infrastructure convergence:

  • Accelerated their mean time to deploy new IT services from more than 20 days to less than 6 days.
  • Reduced their annual IT labor costs from $24,380 per Gbps workload throughput down to a stunning $110 — while at the same time accelerating application deployment times (see above).
  • Increased application availability from 99.89% to 99.996%

With benefits this compelling and ROI frequently achieved in less than 12 months, it's time to get on board and leverage HP Converged Infrastructure for better business results.

HP Converged Infrastructure can accelerate your IT to achieve better business results.

HP Converged Infrastructure solutions help you overcome the inflexibility and high costs created by IT sprawl to shift more resources to innovation and strategic initiatives. The HP approach and solutions have been designed to help make the data center simpler, more flexible, more efficient and less expensive to operate.

Only then is your IT infrastructure positioned to deliver any workload, anywhere, anytime to "accelerate time to application and business value". And do so whether you choose to build it on-premises, outsource it, deploy a cloud environment, or implement a hybrid model of all three.