Riverbed Technology provides WAN solutions for the global enterprise

Think fast

Riverbed is a market leader in WAN optimization and application acceleration, helping organizations run applications several times faster over the WAN. Riverbed enables organizations to consolidate IT infrastructure, facilitates higher productivity for remote offices, helping to decrease frustration for end-users, and to shorten backup and replication time. Customers may also experience a significant reduction in bandwidth congestion and recoup their costs in soft savings and productivity gains.

Riverbed's Steelhead application and HP MSR Open Architecture Platform (OAP) solution

HP's MSR Open Architecture Platform (OAP) with VMware® vSphereTM Series provides an industry leading virtualization platform solution that integrates 3rd party applications on HP MSR series routers. The network services include virtualized WAN routing, wireless LAN, 3G/4G, Ethernet switching, security, voice and AllianceOne applications all integrated on a single high-performance modular routing platform. Virtualized WAN optimization supported by Riverbed's Virtual Steelhead application provides increases the efficiency and performance of network traffic via data, transport, and application streamlining. VSphere clients and VCenter virtualization management tools simplify remote installations, setup and configuration to quickly deploy virtualized applications across branch office locations.

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Riverbed Steelhead on HP zl Services Module

The Riverbed® Steelhead RiOS® Application on HP zl Services Module is an all-in-one network solution that delivers highly reliable network connectivity and application acceleration via the wide area data network enhancement capabilities. The solution enables businesses to use their existing infrastructure and avoid costly WAN upgrades.

With the Riverbed Steelhead on HP zl Services Module, businesses can realize a rapid return on investment from

  • Reduced IT capital expenditures
  • Increased productivity and collaboration from a LAN-lie application responsiveness
  • Faster WAN/network backups
  • Multilayer end-to-end security

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HPN and Riverbed Solution Brief

HP Networking and Riverbed have jointly tested the Riverbed WAN Optimization Virtual Steelhead (VSH) into HP Networking switches and routers. With the combined HP Networking and Riverbed solution, enterprises may experience a significant improvement in application performance.