Whether you need to solve your BYOD challenges, manage remote sites with greater efficiency, or understand how your network is performing with greater detail, IMC has network management modules to increase the depth and breadth of coverage to meet your business requirements.

Network management software - Modules

Application Performance Manager Updated
IMC APM allows administrators to visualize and measure the health of business applications and the impact to network performance.
Branch Intelligent Management Module Updated
IMC Branch Intelligent Management allows for remote network management of customer premise equipment (CPE) in the WAN.  
Endpoint Admission Defense Module Updated
Endpoint Admission Defense offers security policy network management and endpoint posture assessment. This module is depended on having User Access Management installed.
Intelligent Analysis Reporter Updated
IMC Intelligent Analysis Reporter extends the reporting capabilities within IMC to include customized reporting.  
IPSec/VPN Manager Module Updated
IMC IPSec/VPN Manager includes features for all aspects of IPSec VPN management.
MPLS VPN Manager Module Updated
IMC MPLS VPN Manager provides functions such as VPN auto-discovery, topology, monitoring, auditing, and performance evaluation, as well as VPN and service deployment.
Network Traffic Analyzer Module Updated
Network Traffic Analyzer is a graphical network-monitoring tool that provides network administrators with real-time information about users and applications consuming network bandwidth. Network Traffic Analzyer is included in the enterprise platform.
QoS Module Updated
IMC QoS Manager enhances visibility and control over QoS configurations on network devices.
Remote Site Manager Updated
IMC Remote Site Manager securely extends IMC's core platform capability to remote sites by deploying remote agents to provide comprehensive, efficient remote site network management.  
Service Health Manager Updated
IMC Service Health Manager delivers end-to-end network health monitoring and assurance.
Service Operation Management Module Updated
IMC Service Operation Management provides full IT lifecycle network management.
TACACS+ Authentication Manager Updated
IMC TACACS+ Authentication Manager provides basic authentication, authorization and accounting functions for network devices or users.
Unified Communications Health Manager Software Updated
HP IMC Unified Communications Health Manager Software is an IMC module which monitors the health of networks deployed with Microsoft Lync.
User Access Management Module Updated
User Access Manager supports user identity authentication based on access policies associated with infrastructure resources such as routers, switches, and servers.
User Behavior Module Updated
IMC User Behavior Auditor provides a high-performance, scalable network log audit and analysis solution. User behavior module requires the installation of Network Traffic Analyzer software.
VAN Connection Manager  Updated
IMC VAN Connection Manager enables IT to provision applications quickly by accelerating VM deployment with a template-based approach for network automation and orchestration of edge connectivity.
VAN Fabric Manager Updated
IMC Virtual Application Networks (VAN) Fabric Manager Software simplifies the management and the deployment of data center fabrics and fibre-channel (FC) storage-area-network (SAN) fabrics.
VAN SDN Controller Software Updated
Provides a unified control point in an OpenFlow-enabled network, simplifying management, provisioning, and orchestration.
VAN SDN Manager Updated
IMC Virtual Application Networks (VAN) Software Defined Network (SDN) Manager Software provides comprehensive management –including fault, configuration, accounting, monitoring, and security for SDN environments.
VAN Resource Automation Manager Updated
IMC VAN Resource Automation Manager is an IMC module which is a network fabric orchestration tool for service application delivery and optimizes the utilization of network resources for specific cloud-based or virtualized applications or tenants.
Wireless Services Manager Module Updated
HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Wireless Services Manager (WSM) provides unified management of wired and wireless networks, adding network management functions into existing wired network management systems.
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