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HP Networking and DreamWorks Animation
Learn how HP's networking solutions are helping DreamWorks Animation avoid downtime and IT issues, allowing them to focus on their core business - making great films.
SHI Changing the Rules of Networking
Delivering Cloud Services by Changing the Rules of Networking with help from HP.
UL Future Proof Their Network
HP helps UL fulfill their goals with a reliable, centrally managed network built on modular, scalable technologies supporting growth over the next ten years.
HP Networking and CERN
Learn how HP's networking solutions are helping CERN innovate new technologies while investigating the universe's greatest mysteries.

HP Networking and HP Labs provided a firsthand look at HP's cutting-edge research and innovation in IT networking. HP's goal with this research is to deliver network innovations faster, simpler and at higher efficiencies than what is possible today. HP aims to provide clients with high-quality, power-efficient networks that can be re-programmed to meet evolving - and perhaps yet unknown - requirements.

Take a look at these videos to learn more about how HP is transforming the networking industry through innovation.


Innovation Day Videos

HP: Making an impact in the networking industry, Bethany Mayer
HP Networking SVP and GM, Bethany Mayer, discusses changes afoot in the networking market and how HP is making an impact.
An Introduction to Networking and Communications Lab at HP Labs, David Lee
HP Labs director David Lee provides an overview of HP's newest Lab, it's charter and technology "big bets".
HP's vision for the enterprise network of the future, Saar Gillai
HP Networking CTO Saar Gillai discusses technology trends driving change in the networking market and HP's competitive advantage with HP Labs.
HP: Solving big networking challenges through software, Charles Clark
HP Research director Charles Clark discusses HP's work developing flexible programmable networking using OpenFlow.
HP: Re-imagining the future of switching backplanes at the speed of light, Mike Tan
HP Labs' distinguished technologist Mike Tan demos HP's innovative optical backplane technology.

HP is changing the rules of networking. And change can be scary, especially when you've been doing something the same way since before Al Gore invented the internet.

Use these resources to get more details about how other customers have made the change, and what the power of HP's FlexNetwork Architecture can do for you. You don't have to go on faith alone. You can have proof. You can interoperate, perform better, and save money. Start a new standards-based life today!


HP News

HP Accelerates Market Share Gains in Networking Worldwide and in Every Region
HP announced it has achieved market share gains across all networking segments in every region of the world in the first calendar quarter of 2011.

Leading Car Manufacturer Extends Global Networking and Technology Services Deal with HP
HP announced a five-year extension to its global, multimillion dollar business deal with the BMW Group, the German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company.
HP Makes the Grade with Educational Institutions
HP announced that three large school districts have chosen HP Networking solutions to improve network performance and keep pace with the demands of thousands of students and faculty.