CloudSystem Bursting

HP CloudSystem bursting makes it easy to tap external cloud resources whenever you want. Take advantage of pay-per-use convenience when you need:

  • Temporary additional capacity
  • To operate in a different location
  • Access to specialized infrastructure service offerings

HP Cloud Services offers business grade public cloud infrastructure that may be the perfect fit for your bursting needs. Try bursting from HP CloudSystem to HP Cloud Services and see how easy hybrid cloud computing can be.

Free CloudSystem bursting to HP Cloud Services!

HP is pleased to offer limited, introductory use of HP Cloud Services at no charge for customers that want to try out CloudSystem bursting 1. You know that's you, so why wait? Take a test drive with a fast and easy free trial, or put bursting to the test with a more substantial HP Cloud Runway project. Try either offer, or try both -- but don't miss these no-cost opportunities to try bursting from CloudSystem to HP Cloud Services.

Free Trial

Try out bursting from HP CloudSystem to HP Cloud Services at no charge for 3 months. Experience firsthand just how easy it is to manage hybrid clouds with CloudSystem bursting to HP Cloud Services.

Use your monthly free trial credit for free bursting access to:

  • Up to 150k Compute hours free for 30 days & 50% discount for additional 60 days
  • Up to 50 TB Object storage, free for 30 days and 50% discount for additional 60 days
  • Total value up to $6,000

Getting started couldn't be easier - just sign up online for a free HP Cloud Services account.

Start your free trial today!

HP Cloud Runway

Step onto the HP Cloud Runway and experience the full benefit of bursting from HP CloudSystem to HP Cloud Services with a real project, at no cost. Set up and tear down dev/test environments, scale a web app, run a model, or do whatever it is that you need to do with pay-per-use public cloud resources. We're convinced that once you've tried bursting from HP CloudSystem to HP Cloud Services, you'll be back for more.

Qualify today to receive services valued at up to $8,300 to make your CloudSystem bursting project real. You may be eligible to receive 2:

  • Free HP CloudSystem bursting activation services (a $2,300 value), and
  • An entire 30 days of free public cloud services (up to $1,000 in value), and
  • 60 days of additional usage at a 50% discount (up to $5,000 in savings)

Apply for the HP Cloud Runway now

Licensed to burst

Did you know that your CloudSystem is already licensed to manage public cloud instances? Well, it is! Each node-based Matrix Operating Environment license includes rights to manage about 5% - 10% 3 extra capacity via CloudSystem bursting. Preparing to burst couldn't be easier - whenever you're ready, your CloudSystem is too.

Learn more about HP CloudSystem bursting

Want to know more about how HP CloudSystem bursting works and what it can do for you? Check out the HP CloudSystem Bursting whitepaper for more information.

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  1. CloudSystem bursting to HP Cloud Services is supported for customers using Matrix Operating Environment version 7.1 or later.
  2. First 30 days of HPCS public cloud services are free, up to $1000 value. 50 percent discount on second and third months' invoices, up to $5000 value. Reflects current promotional pricing. Pricing and availability of discounts subject to change. Application subject to approval by HP Cloud Services. HP Cloud Runway offer may not be combined with any other HP Cloud Services promotion, excluding the HP Cloud trial.
  3. Each traditional, node-based Matrix Operating Environment 7.2 (Matrix OE) software license includes rights to manage one public cloud instance. 8-node CloudSystems include rights to use Matrix OE to manage up to 8 concurrent public cloud instances; 16-node CloudSystems include rights to use Matrix OE to manage up to 16 concurrent public cloud instances. Extra capacity percentage estimates are based on assumptions that public cloud VM capacity is roughly equivalent to on-premise VM capacity, and that average VM densities range between 10 and 20 VMs per CloudSystem managed node.