Accelerate Database Consolidation

HP Database Consolidation reference architecture (DBC RA) is a solution optimized for Microsoft SQL Server and a complete database consolidation private cloud solution. It is specifically designed to meet the challenge of database sprawl and help customers regain control of their SQL Server environments. It simplifies and integrates the whole IT stack into a unified database platform that is easy to manage and provides tools to provision new databases and meter usage for chargeback.

HP and Microsoft jointly engineered and optimized the DBC RA to handle thousands of high I/O demanding SQL Server workloads with industry leading IOPS performance. Using Microsoft System Center, users benefit from a single management console to health check and alert system, software, and virtualization problems. To make sure the DBC RA is always available; HP can support the HP hardware, software and the Microsoft application stack, including the Windows Operating System, Microsoft System Center, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Solution Components