Manage all HP servers, from anywhere

Precise control and web-based remote management available 24/7 is a necessity, not a luxury. Integrity iLO makes it easy to remotely manage Integrity servers from just about anywhere in the world. Remotely manage system health over a secure LAN interface through either a text-based command-line control or from a browser-based, easy-to-use GUI.

HP iLO solutions use a common management interface for both Integrity and ProLiant servers, so similar tools and processes manage all your HP servers.

Integrity iLO

  • Health and status monitoring
  • Virtual serial port console
  • Virtual power control
  • Web GUI and command line interface
  • Integrity iLO Advanced license (p/n AB500A):
    • Secure Shell interface (SSH)
    • LDAP directory services
    • SIM group actions

Integrity iLO 3

  • All features of iLO 2
  • Advanced license built into every server
  • Partition Management (on supported platforms)
  • Direct System Firmware updating
  • Power Regulator (OS and manual control)
  • Integrated Remote Console with video record and replay

Integrity iLO 2

  • All features of iLO
  • SIM group actions 
  • Integrity iLO Advanced license (p/n AD301A):
    • Virtual Media 
    • Integrated Remote Console
    • Power Meter (24 hour record)

Superdome 2 iLO 3 and Onboard Administrator

On-blade Integrity iLO 3 with links to Superdome 2 Onboard Administrator for centralized, enclosure-wide, system management.

Learn more about the Superdome 2 Onboard Administrator PDF 7.14 MB

What's new

iLO Partition Management for Integrity blades

HP nPartitions (nPars) support for Integrity BL870c i4 and BL890c i4 server blades created, sized, and managed through the Integrity iLO 3 graphical and text user interface.