Moonshot Component Pack is a comprehensive firmware solution tested on the HP Moonshot System and delivered as a compressed file. The compressed file includes all the component files needed to update a Moonshot System. Users deploy the firmware updates contained in the Moonshot Component Pack via the iLO Chassis Manager CLI or HP Moonshot-45G/180G Switch Module CLI. This can be accomplished using HP Smart Update Manager, which is included with the files, or manually. Download the latest pack from the HP website (

Important Notes:

For additional information see the Moonshot Component Pack Release Notes or the Moonshot Component Pack Update Guide.


Additional Support Documentation can be found at: Moonshot Series Library


Release Summary:

See the Moonshot Component Pack Release Notes or the Moonshot Series Library for detailed information on the Fixes for this release.


New support included in this release:  

  • Smart Update Manager (SUM) v7.5.1
  • Integrated Lights-Out Chassis Manager Firmware v2.40 (a)
  • Integrated Lights-Out Chassis Manager Firmware v1.51
  • iLO Chassis Management Module Programmable Logic Device v07
  • HPE ProLiant m710x Server Cartridge ROM (H07) v1.00_05-23-2016
  • HPE ProLiant m510 Server Cartridge ROM (H05) v2016.5.9
  • HPE ProLiant m710p Server Cartridge ROM (H06) v2016.4.6
  • HP Moonshot-45Gc/45XGc/180XGc Switch Firmware Image v7.1.045, F2428
  • HP Moonshot 45-Port/180-Port Switch Firmware Image v2.0.3.5

For additional Enhancements included in this release, see the Moonshot Component Pack Release Notes or the Moonshot Series Library.



By downloading these products, you agree to the terms and conditions of the End User License Agreement(s) listed below. Refer to the documentation regarding using the image once downloaded to your environment.

NOTICE: Access to the Moonshot Component Pack requires validation via the HPE Support Center. An active warranty or HPE support agreement, as well as an HPE Passport Login is required to download the Moonshot Component Pack. For more information, please view the HPE Moonshot Component Pack Access Update.

RECOMMENDATION: Before downloading, please complete the one-time association of a warranty or HPE Support Services to the user profile on the Contracts & Warranties page.

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Last revised: Tuesday, August 30, 2016