HP Advanced Services zl Module with Citrix XenServer platform

Product overview

The HP Advanced Services zl Module with Citrix XenServer is an industry-standard open architecture platform that provides the capability to host one or multiple applications within the networking infrastructure. The solution has its own processor, storage, network interfaces, and memory—all of which are interconnected with a network switch ASIC on a single platform that hosts a virtualized environment, helping to ensure greater switching and multiapplication performance while reducing physical footprint, lowering power consumption, and consolidating management. The HP Advanced Services zl Module virtualized platform is installed into an HP 5400 zl or 8200 zl series switch. Using virtualization management tools, applications and services can be installed and configured remotely. With this high degree of flexibility, IT organizations can quickly deploy extended application monitoring to virtually any branch office location.
  • High-performance compute platform
  • Virtual environment for one or more applications
  • Two 10-GbE connections to the switch backplane
  • Industry-leading warranty

HP Advanced Services zl Module with Citrix XenServer platform

Application support

  • Preinstalled hypervisor — the Citrix XenServer virtualization platform comes preinstalled on the module; XenServer is the virtualization platform of choice for customers seeking to improve value while not compromising performance; the hypervisor can be activated for free from Citrix, and a license key can be upgraded to higher-cost editions with per-module licensing
  • Hypervisor management — XenServer is managed through the use of either the free Citrix XenCenter or xsconsole management tools; xsconsole is a console management tool enabled by default on the module, while XenCenter is a rich management solution that can be installed on any Windows® PC
  • Operating system support — Citrix XenCenter and xsconsole virtual machine installation and configuration are supported through standard Citrix XenCenter and xsconsole management tools
  • Application installation and management — XenServer supports shared ISO repositories, which allow CD/DVD content to be loaded into a virtual machine; once loaded, the ISO appears to the operating system as any other DVD device, allowing applications of any size to be installed


  • 10 GbE connections to the switch — two 10-GbE wire-speed internal connections help ensure that the network connections from application to switch backplane will not limit the performance of the application
  • USB port — one external USB 2.0 port is available for application use (for example, external hard drives or other forms of mass storage)
  • RJ-45 (10/100/1000 Ethernet) port — provides direct connectivity from an x86 application to a management LAN without going through the switch


  • High-performance network bandwidth — includes two internal wire-speed 10-GbE ports to the switch backplane
  • High-performance processor system — Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T9400 with 2.53 GHz, 4 MB cache provides a high-performance compute environment in a small footprint using a single switch slot
  • Memory subsystem — 4 GB of DDR3-800 dual-channel memory provides for quick application performance
  • Disk drive — 250 GB SATA II 7200 rpm hard disk drive (210 GB application space plus 40 GB diagnostic/maintenance space) allows quick data reads/writes to speed applications along

Resiliency and high availability

  • Redundant power supplies — services module has the same level of power supply redundancy as the switch in which it is installed
  • Redundant network connections — two internal 10-GbE connections are provided between the switch and the services module; applications can take advantage of both links to provide a redundant network connection to the switch backplane


  • Console port — application console is available as a pass-through to the switch console function
  • Virtual machine management — Citrix XenCenter and xsconsole virtual machine installation and configuration are supported through standard Citrix XenCenter and xsconsole management tools


  • Virtual machine security — each virtual machine is completely isolated from other virtual machines and is decoupled from the underlying host by a thin layer of software known as a hypervisor; this allows each virtual machine to run different operating systems and applications

Ease of use

  • Locator LED (module) — allows users to set the locator LED on a specific module to either turn on, blink, or turn off; simplifies troubleshooting by making it easy to locate a specific module among other identical or similar modules

Warranty and support

  • Lifetime warranty — with the exception of the hard disk (which has a 5-year warranty), for as long as you own the product, with next-business-day advance replacement (available in most countries)*
  • HP support included with purchase price — technical assistance via email and telephone, as well as electronic case submission, are available during HP local business hours for product-specific questions on product features, specifications, product installation, general hardware configuration, basic troubleshooting, and usage
  • Hypervisor support — support packages are available for purchase from Citrix or HP

HP Advanced Services zl Module with Citrix XenServer platform

HP Advanced Services zl Module with Citrix XenServer platform (J9747A)
Physical characteristics
Dimensions 9.75(d) x 8.13(w) x 1.75(h) in. (24.77 x 20.65 x 4.45 cm) (1U height)
Weight 3.3 lb. (1.5 kg)
Memory and processor
Processor Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 @ 2400 MHz, 4 GB DDR3 DIMM; storage: 250 GB SATA II 7200 rpm hard disk drive, 4 GB compact flash
Operating temperature 32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C); Important: See note for 50°C temperature spec rules
Operating relative humidity 15% to 90% @ 122°F (50°C), noncondensing
Nonoperating/Storage temperature 14°F to 149°F (-10°C to 65°C)
Nonoperating/Storage relative humidity 15% to 95% @ 149°F (65°C), noncondensing
Altitude up to 10,000 ft. (3 km)
Electrical characteristics
Maximum heat dissipation 140 BTU/hr (147.7 kJ/hr), 266 BTU/hr (287 kJ/hr)
Idle power 41 W
Maximum power rating 78 W
Notes Idle power is the actual power consumption of the device with no ports connected.; Maximum power rating and maximum heat dissipation are the worst-case theoretical maximum numbers provided for planning the infrastructure with fully loaded PoE (if equipped), 100% traffic, all ports plugged in, and all modules populated.
The services module can only be used with certified HP AllianceONE services applications. It does not support a general application environment.
  • Chassis operating temperature specifications when the services module is installed:
  • For the 5400 zl chassis, if all modules are installed in the left side of the chassis, the temperature specification is set to 50°C for the chassis.
  • If any modules are installed on the right side of the chassis, then the temperature specification for the chassis is 45°C.
  • For the 8200 zl chassis, the temperature specification is set to 45°C.
  • A maximum of four of these modules may be installed in any zl switch (except the 8206 zl chassis, which supports a maximum of two of these modules).
  • If a module is installed in excess of these quantities, the module will not boot.
  • If you are running a 5406 zl chassis and want the 50°C temperature specification, then only three modules are supported in the chassis, as there are only three modules on the left side.
  • When the services module is installed, the maximum relative humidity for the switch drops from 95% to 90%.

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HP Advanced Services zl Module with Citrix XenServer platform

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