Setting the Benchmark in WLAN Performance

First in the industry to offer near Gigabit Ethernet WLAN client access

  • Three-spatial-stream dual 802.11n APs deliver 450Mbps per radio
  • Industry-standard Beam forming technology improves RF coverage areas and reduces roaming "dead" spots
  • Band steering ensures highest performing connection for 5GHz capable clients
  • Concurrent operation in the 5GHz band (E-MSM466) improves noise immunity, increases channel availability, enables higher utilization of 40MHz channels on the E-MSM466
  • Supports advanced and future wireless applications that demand high-throughput and guaranteed coverage

Additional features and functionality

  • Multiple antennae and mounting options support flexible deployment models
  • Standards based technology protects customer investment
  • Low TCO
  • Lifetime warranty

Dual Radio 802.11n APs

Delivering the highest performing 802.11n APs and broadest selection of wireless devices

  • E-MSM430: 2x3:2, integrated 4/7dBi antennas
  • E-MSM460: 3x3:3, integrated 4/7dBi antennas
  • E-MSM466: 3x3:3 ; six RP-SMA Male connectors

New RF optimization features

  • Standards-based beamforming (Explicit)
  • Band steering
  • Concurrent radio operation in 5GHz band

Supported operating band configurations

  • 2.4GHz + 5GHz
  • 5GHz + 5GHz (E-MSM466 only)

Full E-MSM AP feature set

  • Powered by 802.3af PoE
  • Up to 200mW EIRP output power (further limited by regulations in some countries)
  • AP, Mesh and Monitor (packet capture) modes
  • LEDs for visual indication of unit health
  • Power, LAN, Radio 1, Radio 2
  • 0-50°C operating temperature
  • Plenum-rated

Low profile, unobtrusive design

  • Flexible ceiling and wall mounting options
  • Range of physical security features
  • 'Quiet' LEDs

Available regional variants

  • Americas, Worldwide, Japan, Israel, TAA-compliant

RF Optimizations: Benefits


  • Improved noise immunity
  • Fewer sources of interference
  • Increased channel availability
  • Higher utilization of 40MHz channels

Band steering

  • Automatically redirects 5GHz-capable clients to 5GHz spectrum

Concurrent operation in the 5GHz band (E-MSM466)

  • Both radios use 5GHz spectrum to optimize 802.11n performance

Standards-based beamforming

  • Closed loop operation
  • Closed loop TxBF techniques improve accuracy by enabling the receiver to provide direct feed-back to the transmitter to maximize the phase alignment of signals and their reflections

Beamforming Market Comparison

Transmit Beamforming
Cisco Clientlink
Active Beamforming
Standards-based? Yes No No
If proprietary, state vendors supporting the technology - Cisco Ruckus
SNR gain in uplink and downlink direction? Yes No Yes
SNR gain for 802.11 ag clients? No Yes Yes
SNR gain for 802.11 n clients? Yes No Yes
Radiation pattern? Omnidirectional Omnidirectional Varies by frame

New 3x3 MIMO Antennas

Support for a range of deployment scenarios

  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • High user densities e.g. lecture hall
  • Point-to-point communication
  • Installation in enclosed spaces
Type Band Gain Suitable for outdoor use
Narrow Beam Sector 2.4GHz/5GHz 8dBi/10.7dBi Yes
Directional 2.4GHz/5GHz 10.9dBi/13.5dBi Yes
Omnidirectional 2.4GHz/5GHz 3dBi/4dBi no
Omnidirectional 2.4GHz/5GHz 2.5/5.9dBi no
Note: Antenna usage may be limited in some countries.

Flexible & Secure Mounting Options

Mounting bracket supports older AP footprints

  • E-MSM AP family
  • Radio Port

T-bar adaptor for ceiling mount included

  • Supports multiple T-bar widths

Range of physical security measures to reflect varying deterrence requirements

  • Mounting bracket latch
  • Tamperproof screw
  • Kensington lock
  • Padlock

Industry-Leading Price Performance

  Spatial streams per radio Data Rate Full 3x3 MIMO Standards-based beamforming List Price Price per Mbps
Current 11n products 2 Up to 300Mbps No No $999 $1.66
E-MSM46x 3 Up to 450Mbps Yes Yes $999 $1.11

E-MSM v5.5 Feature Set

New Hardware Support

  • E-MSM430 Dual Radio 11n AP
  • E-MSM46x Dual Radio 450Mb/s 11n APs

New RF optimization features

  • Standards-based beam forming
  • Concurrent radio operation in 5GHz band
  • Load balancing via band steering of 5GHz clients at AP level for E-MSM422 and E-MSM430/46x

Enhanced manageability

  • AP group change and filtering
  • E-MSM317 port-port inheritance
  • HTTPS support by HTTP proxy feature

Simplified deployment of IP phones using the E-MSM317

  • Support for 2 VLANs, one tagged and one untagged
  • Enhanced LLDP MED enables auto deployment using Network Policy OS TLV

Enhanced security

  • User agent filtering
  • Loop protection for E-MSM317 switch ports
  • E-MSM317 Port Isolation

Optimization of WLAN performance through broadcast filtering

Enhanced support for multi-national deployments via support for multiple country codes within a single controller

Extension of support for wireless subscription services with addition of PayPal support

HP E-Series Mobility E-MSM460, 466 & 430 Access Point

New highest-performing family of access points improves productivity. These APs, first in the industry to offer three-spatial-stream MIMO technology, bringing 802.11n near Gigabit Ethernet performance to 900 Mb/s and enhancing coverage areas with beam-forming technology. These APs deliver the highest performance in 802.11n AP technology in the market today with the best price and performance in the industry.

Key features

  • The first three spatial stream MIMO APs in the industry
  • Up to 450Mb/s per radio on the E-MSM460 and 466
  • E-MSM466 supports a range of antenna options
  • E-MSM430 two stream; price / performance leader
  • All APs use standard 802.3af PoE power

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