Simplicity, scalability and automation

HP is advancing its software-defined Networks leadership with new Virtual Application Networks products and services innovations.

HP is introducing industry's first complete and open-standards-based software-defined network (SDN) technologies across all three critical SDN layers—infrastructure, control and application layers with a "single control plane" that enables enterprises and cloud providers to simplify and maximize agility across data center, campus and branch networks.

Innovations in the Infrastructure layer: New OpenFlow-supported switches

Increase flexibility through a programmable, standards-based interface
OpenFlow support in the HP FlexNetwork architecture has been extended to nine more switch models, delivering a flexible and a programmable standards-based interface. The new OpenFlow-enabled switches make HP the only major networking vendor with more than 15 million installed OpenFlow ports.
  • 9 new switch models
  • 25 total switches
  • 15 Million OpenFlow ports
  • 1st tier one vendor offering OpenFlow with largest install base
  • Ongoing extension of OpenFlow across FlexNetwork Architecture

New innovation in the control layer: Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller

Simplify and automate configurations
Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller gives network managers greater network flexibility and simplicity — centralizing network intelligence and eliminating the need for hand-coding individual devices reducing application deployment time to minutes.
  • Available as software or appliance
  • Standards-based with OpenFlow
  • Supports HP network applications
  • Open APIs enable third-party network application development
  • Extensible, scalable, resilient, controller architecture

New innovation in the application layer: HP Virtual Cloud Networks

Eliminate human middleware, deliver more scalable, programmable private clouds networks
Software that automates and scales virtual network provisioning for self-service cloud environments delivering agility by eliminating error-prone manual configuration tasks.
  • Built on HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller
  • Automates network provisioning enabling self-service cloud
  • Limits provisioning actions to low risk infrastructure elements
  • Enables scaling beyond traditional network hardware limits
  • Virtual Networking for Openstack Public and Private Clouds

Sentinel Security Application

Deliver scalable network security for enterprise campus
Leverage HP's open, standards-based SDN platform and your existing switching platform to deliver network security by using SDN/OpenFlow to monitor specific traffic streams.
  • Built on HP Virtual Application Networks SDN Controller
  • Real-time threat characterization with HP TippingPoint DVLabs database
  • Protects from over 2 million threats including Botnet, Malware & Spyware
  • Native ArcSight integration for improved visibility & accuracy
  • Standards-base implementation with OpenFlow
To learn more about these technologies, please visit:
  • Virtual Application Networks
    Enterprise Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • OpenFlow
    Enabling technology for software-defined networking
  • HP 3800 Switch Series
    The HP 3800 Switch Series is a family of fully managed, stackable, Gigabit Ethernet switches designed for enterprise campus deployments.

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