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Wednesday, 3 October
Thursday, 4 October
Wednesday, 3 October
Free yourself from CLI

Gladys Alegre-Kimura, Global Product Marketing Manager

Free yourself from CLI drudgery to accelerate deployment of cloud applications. Learn how IMC Virtual Application Networks Manager reduces time to deploy applications from months to minutes and provide a reliable and consistent approach to network automation and orchestration.

The time is now for IPv6

Yanick Pouffary, Chief Technologist - Technology Services Networking

Enterprises and Governments are facing how to transition to IPv6 while ensuring business continuity. IPv6 touches absolutely everything in your environment — applications, servers and storage, printers, IP based telephony (core to Unified Communications) mobile devices, web sites, intranets — all rely on IP addresses. The exhaustion of IPv4 addresses is upon us, this, coupled with the proliferation of mobile devices, expansion of networked consumer appliances, internet demographics, virtualization and cloud computing, demand for IP addresses is exponential. In this session, understand the steps to secure and transition to IPv6, remove fear of and break down barriers preventing an IPv6 transition, IPv6 is about more than just the network, learn about implications across other domains, Learn how to gain IT/business alignment, understand the realities of the IPv6 timeline.

HP Unified Wired and Wireless Access

Rebecca Humphress, Global Product Marketing

How can HP's unified wired and wireless access solutions benefit you? With HP, you can unify wired and WLAN campus networks to deliver a seamless user experience and integrated security—all by leveraging HP's single-pane-of-glass management. Join us to learn more about the products and benefits that are available to you today to help you understand HP's unified wired and wireless access solution.

Are your IT skills ready to storm ahead?

Patrick Eitenbichler, Director Americas ExpertOne

Cloudy days ahead for small to global business alike. The IT weather report predicts a service-centric, cloud based future, with on-demand delivery of IT infrastructure resources, applications, and data to any user, any device, anywhere with greater efficiency, agility, security and ROI. What skills and expertise do IT professionals need to weather this storm and come out ahead? Expertise based on proprietary solution silos? Or, expertise which builds on current knowledge to address converged data center, cloud and mobility solutions based on open standards and heterogeneous interoperability? Learn more about gaining the right expertise to design, build and manage the future of IT with HP ExpertOne.

Flex your Management Muscles with Intelligent Management Center

Les Stuart, Global Product Line Manager

Intelligent Management Center gives you the FlexManagement power to do it all — manage your network end-to-end, unify your access layer, and see the network with deep visibility. Come learn how you can manage over 6000 networking devices from over 220 manufacturers from the data center to the branch using ONE tool — IMC.

Simplify operations and reduce cost and complexity with HP Dynamic VPN (DVPN) solution

Sam Rastogi, Global Product Marketing Manager

Find out how you can securely connect your branch, regional, campus, and data center locations with the HP Dynamic VPN solution and learn how enterprises can simplify their secure WAN deployments with automated VPN configuration and deployment across HP MSR branch routers and HP 6600 campus/data center routers with HP IMC.

HP Converged Cloud Workshop — simplifying the complex world of Cloud

George Sourvinos, Senior Solution Architect, HP Technology Consulting

The HP Converged Cloud workshop helps organizations gain clarity on the right strategy, identify the cloud initiatives, explore future and current state, capability gaps and create a tactical plan across people, process and technology. During the real one to two-day workshop, senior HP consultants use highly informative visual displays to share what they have learned from their vast experience in an interactive session with you. Ultimately, the goal of the workshop is to facilitate faster start to converged cloud through cross-team collaboration and best practice sharing.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) with HP Virtual Application Network

Steve Brar, Global Product Marketing Manager

HP Virtual Application Networks break through the paradigms of traditional networking by enabling software-defined networks. With application characterization, network abstraction and automated orchestration, HP Virtual Application Networks can deliver consistency, device-independent provisioning, and dynamic application delivery.

Thursday, 4 October
Delivering unparallel business advantage with BYOD

Juliano Forti, HP Global Solutions Product Line Manager

Mobile technology is transforming businesses. Your workforce uses a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets to conduct business and engage customers anywhere, anytime. In a recent IDC survey, 69% of employees said they are accessing business applications on personal devices. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend presents opportunities and challenges to your business. On the one hand, you can boost employee productivity, convenience and, in many cases, reduce capital expenses by allowing workers to use personal devices for business. On the other hand, you need to ensure that your IT infrastructure can accommodate the influx of mobile devices and continue to deliver predictable, high-quality user experiences securely. With HPs holistic approach to BYOD — implementing single pane-of-glass management with centralized security, visibility and control you can unleash the full potential of mobility and deliver the ultimate unified BYOD user experience, while simplifying IT operations and management.

Deploy Your Clouds in Minutes

Ahmad Zamer, Global Product Marketing Manager

Virtualize and multiply the value of your core switches by saving up to 75% of the cost of physical switches with HP multitenant device contest (MDC) solution. If interconnecting geographically dispersed data centers is bogging you down, then take a few minutes to learn how you can interconnect your data centers and deploy clouds in minutes not weeks or months. HP Ethernet Virtualization Interconnect (EVI) allows you to connect up to eight data centers using existing IP infrastructure. When coupled together, the two technologies deliver unmatched multi-tenancy and cloud DCI solutions. EVI takes advantage of HP innovative Intelligent Resilient Framework fabric to accelerate workload mobility with vMotion by an impressive 80%.

Is Your Wireless LAN Ready for THIS?

Rich Horsley, Wireless Product Manager Americas Region

The proliferation of wireless devices has changed the way that companies are deploying wireless LAN solutions. More than 40% of the devices used to access corporate information in 2011 were PERSONALLY OWNED. How do you design your network to handle the ever increasing number of smart phones and tablets? And how can you make sure that the information that is being accessed is secure? Learn more about the hardware and software solutions from HP that can help address the challenges we all face in a BYOD world.

Provision infrastructure and applications in minutes with CloudSystem

Brenda Basista, CloudSystem Matrix Product Marketing Manage

The HP CloudSystem brings together server blades, storage blades, virtualized networking, and software to provision, optimize, and protect infrastructure and basic application services —all in a single, integrated platform ideally suited for private cloud and IaaS implementations.

Converged Storage Without Boundaries

Jorge Maestre, 3PAR Specialist, HP Enterprise Solutions & Architecture

Architected for the next era of computing.

Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D and Firmware 3.70 update

Kant Deshpande, Sr Product Marketing Manager

This session will focus on Virtual Connect Flex-10/10D Module, latest addition to Virtual Connect product portfolio. In addition the session will highlight firmware 3.70 features set, which includes latest offering of "Flat SAN". Flat SAN allows Virtual Connect FlexFabric directly connect to FC based 3PAR storage without a SAN Fabric.

Flex Networks for Small Growing Business

Prince Joseph, Regional Product Line Manager

HP Networking has what it takes to connect your small business network. Web-based smart managed switches for more advanced networks, plug-and-play unmanaged switches for starter installations, and Wireless Access Points for untethered network access within your business. Join us as we showcase HPN's small business products, including the 1000 series switch, M200 AP, and Intellijack products.


Tom Sammons

Learn how to achieve LAN-like experience across the distributed enterprise with converged network services, optimized application delivery and converged network management.

The FlexBranch solution is a component in the HP end-to-end enterprise network infrastructure, which optimizes the network for secure, reliable, high performance application delivery, and a foundation for converged infrastructure for the extended enterprise.